Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pleating instructions

I was asked how to do the pleating required in my Fish Extender tutorial and I'm just now getting to writing it out.  Sorry it took soooo long, but I kinda forgot.  Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make the pleats. I used plain paper as a mock up pocket, it's not very pretty but it gets the job done :)

First, mark the center 5" on the BACK side of your pocket.  Make your marks at 3" and 8". (I would recommend using chalk, or a tailor's pencil.)

Next, fold along the line, so that you are bringing back-side to back-side

Turn the pocket over so that the right/front side is facing up.

Make a mark, 1.5" in from both edges.
Now I'm finding the next step a little hard to explain, so bear with me.

Fold the pocket, so that the crease from before, sets right on the mark you've made. Do this on both sides.

Once you do this on both sides, you will have the 5 inches in the middle as well as an inch and a half on either end, for a total of 8 inches, which is the goal.

I hope this helps.